Products that Leverage the Power of Local

Maximize in-person customer interactions and grow your business

Products Designed for Local Businesses

Our products are specifically designed for local businesses. The features are easy to use, leverage local business’s strengths, cost-effective, and mostly importantly, they work.

The strength of local businesses is that they see their customers in-person, and we help them leverage these in-person interactions to get the customers to come back and to spread the word about the business.

On our Platform, while customers are at their local business, they can sign up for the business’s referral program, opt-in to their email list, browse their menu of services, or recommend the business. With our innovative technology, we provide the same functionalities as apps, minus the cost.

Growth Marketing

Your Customers are Your Best Salespeople

Social Media Referral Marketing

Recommendation Marketing

Information Marketing

Retention Marketing

Give Your Customers a Reason to Come Back

Email Marketing

Coupon Marketing

Event Marketing

Email Marketing

Keep your customers coming back with reminders and special offers

In-store customers can sign-up with QR Code

Customers can sign-up after they leave with QR Code

Strong call-to-action encourages your customers to sign-up

Instantaneous sign-ups with Google and Facebook

See customer info on your Dashboard

Email your customers your deals

Provide them with updates

Let them know about your special offers

Our system is intelligently designed to get more of your customers to refer

Your Best Salespeople

Your satisfied customers are convincing cheerleaders. Rewards motivate your customers to refer their friends.

Social Media Buzz

To earn reward, your customers will post great reviews of your business on Facebook and Instagram and include their referral link.

Benefits of Referral Program

• Free, organic social media buzz

• Increase referrals from your customers dramatically

• New customers that are similar to your current customers

• Spend much less on advertising

Information Marketing

Showcase your business

Upload images that showcase your business

Upload your menu or list of services. Loads super fast on phones!

QR code provides your in-store customers with instant accesss to your info

Recommendation Marketing

Getting recommendations is easy and fast

QR Code gets your customers to recommend you while at your business

Users are prompted to recommend you while browsing your menu or brochure

Send your customers email invitations to recommend you

Mail QR code postcards and showcase your recommendations

Display the recommendations on your site and turn visitors into customers

Set begin and end dates for your coupons, so managing them is easy

Let your customers know about your latest coupons with QR Code postcards

Event Marketing

Publishing your events on our Platform couldn’t be easier!