Plus Plan

We will:

• Set up your email campaigns, referral program, and QR code menu.

• Design email templates and QR code flyer to suit your business’s brand.

• Provide reports to let you know how your email campaigns and referral programs are doing.

• Provide suggestions for improvement.

Fully-Managed Digital Marketing

We Set Up Your Email Campaigns

Four Emails

Phone Mothers Day & Catering Presents-800Jpg85

Design a QR Code Flyer

Design Two Email Images

We Set Up Your Referral Program and QR Code Menu

Phone Referral Program Prana Yoga-800Q85
Phone Village Bistro Menu-Jpg85

What Makes Us Different

In-Person Customers Can Sign Up for Emails Instantly With No Need to Enter Email

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Customer Success Manager

You will have a customer success manager that will provide you with a monthly report and offer suggestions for improving your campaigns.

Unlike Any Other Email Systems

1. Our SmartList algorithm delivers emails to your top contacts.

2. Our InstantSignUp process enables in-person and takeout customers to sign up instantly to receive updates and deals.

3. Our ModularUpdates technology makes it possible for busy businesses to pre-schedule months of updates in less than 30 minutes. Great for drip-campaigns.

4. Our AutomatedEmail system sends the emails and handle email bounces and unsubscribes.

5. You don’t need to use your email address. You can choose to use our no-reply email address to send emails. Great if you don’t want replies to your marketing emails.

Beautiful Images

Access to beautiful images in the Image Library

More Than Email Marketing

Share Information


Acquire New Customers


Get Your Customers to Return

Tablet Marketing Sample Catering-800Jpg85

Turn Loyal Customers Into Ambassadors

Salon Review Prompt Menu-Jpg85

Offer Referral Programs

♦ Offering a referral program is a great way to acquire new customers

♦ Referred customers spend more

♦ Referred customers make twice as many referrals

Why Use Our Platform

Diners Want to Receive Updates & Deals

With Us, They Can Receive Updates & Deals From Local Restaurants

Referral Rewards Provide Incentives for Your Customers to Tell Their Friends About Your Business

Auto Service


Yoga Studio

Customers Get Rewards, and Their Friends Get Rewards