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Earn Up to $598 for Each Business You Refer to Us.

Refer as Many (or as Few) Businesses as You Like.

Our Digital Marketing Platform enables local businesses to send emails to their customers, offer referral programs, and set up online menus (or list of services). Refer businesses to us and earn rewards.

Chain Restaurants Use Apps

Chain restaurants use expensive apps to provide updates & offers to their customers. These solutions are often cost-prohibitive to local businesses.


Corporations Use Referrals

Large corporations use referral programs to grow their business.


Local Businesses Use Expensive Platforms

Local businesses use expensive services like Groupon and Doordash which can take a big chunk out of their profit.

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We Provide a Much Better Alternative

For $7.50 a Month, Our Essentials Plan Includes the Following

Email Marketing

Get Customers to Return


Referral Marketing

Get New Customers


QR Code Generator & Web Pages

Share Information


Fully-Managed Email Marketing

Our Plus Plan includes

• Development and management of email campaigns (4 emails per month)

• Referral program set-up

• Online pages (online menu or list of services) set-up

• Creation of two images for emails

• Design of a QR code flyer.

What You Get

When you refer a business, you’ll receive 50% of the price paid by the business for the first 4 months of service.

What the Business Gets

Free Trial

• One month free trial of Plus Plan

• We will help them develop and manage email campaigns, referral programs, and QR code menu (or pages).

Essentials Plan Transparent

Why Businesses Love Our Platform

Their Customers Can Sign Up for Emails Instantly


We Offer Incredible Pricing

Our Email Service costs much less than other email services, and we include Online Pages, QR Code Generator, and Referral Platform at no extra cost.

We Provide Beautiful Images for Use in Emails

Our Referral Marketing feature Helps Businesses Acquire New Customers

Marketing dollars go to customers and friends, not ad agencies


Referred customers are better customers


Why Customers Love Our Platform

Diners Want to Receive Email Updates & Deals

Receive Emails 2022 June

With Us, They Can Receive Emails From Their Favorite Restaurants


Customers Earn Rewards at Places They Are Already Doing Business With

Discount on Rent


Rewards at Favorite Restaurants


Yoga Studio


Auto Service




Customers and Their Friends Both Get Rewards


Start Earning Referral Rewards!