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How Review Booster Can Help Your Business

Reviews Sites Skew Negative

Reviews on sites like Yelp or Google skew negative if you don’t manage the reviews.

• Unhappy customers are 2-3 times more likely to write reviews.

• Only 3 negative mentions can drive away 59% of customers, and it takes 12 positive reviews to cancel out the effects of one negative review.

We are a Recommendation-Only Platform

Unmanaged reviews don’t accurately reflect the quality of businesses reviewed. That’s why we are a recommendations-only platform. Customers can evaluate businesses by the quantity and quality of the recommendations, rather than be unduly influenced by negative reviews written by disgruntled employees or unreasonable customers.

• Your customers can recommend you with a 1, 2, or 3 thumbs up.

• You can remove negative reviews because they are not ‘authentic’ recommendations.

Salon Review iPad

Use Recommendations to Acquire New Customers

Provide access to your Recommendations with Postcards.

Midtown Salon 7X5

Display Recommendations on Your Website and Social Media Profiles

Reviews Plug-In

Discover and Connect With Your Loyal Customers

• Discover who your loyal customers are when you read their reviews.

• Like what they said about your business? You can email them through our platform.

• Invite them to join your referral program.

• Invite them to review you on Google or other platforms.


It’s Essential to Have Great Reviews

• The average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business

• 48% of consumers only pay attention to reviews written within the past 2 weeks

• 84% believe that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant

Brightlocal Consumer Survey

Your Customers Want to Recommend You. We Make It Easy.

76% of people will write a review if asked!

Ask Review Midtown

Get Customer Recommendations Quickly

Best time to request customer recommendations is during their visit with you or soon after.

• Step 1: Upload useful information about your business.

• Step 2: Your in-person customers scan a QR Code to access the info.

• Step 3: Ask for a Recommendation

• The QR Code Flyer asks for a recommendation.

• While customers check out your info, they will be prompted to recommend you.

You can also send them invites.

How It Works

Upload Useful Information

After setting up your account, upload useful information, like your Menu of Services, to the Menu Page

Midtown Salon Menu Page 1-S800Jpg85
Midtown Salon Menu Page 3

Display QR Code Flyer at Your Business

Click on QR Codes from your Dashboard and download a QR Code flyer to display at your place of business. Your customers can scan the QR code to browse your Menu of Services.

Viewing Menu Of Services

Request Recommendation

• Your Menu of Services give your customers a reason to scan your QR Code

• On the flyer, they’ll see the request for a recommendation

Midtown Salon 8.5X11 Menu Page Menu of Services Review Us

Optional Review Prompt

• You can set the review prompt to on.

• It prompts your customers to recommend you while they browse.

Salon Review Prompt Menu

Send Invites

You can also invite your customers to recommend you after their visits with you.

Yoga Invitation

Manage Invitations

See the status of all of your invitations at a glance. Status changes to ‘Left Review’ when the user leaves a recommendation.



In-Person Access to Your Online Info

  • QR Code provides instant access to your Online Pages.
  • Customize QR Code Flyers and Postcards to suit your needs.
  • You can upload Covid-19 updates, menu of services, class schedule, images of your business.

Get Great Reviews Fast & Grow Your Business

  • Customizable Review Prompt.
  • Customizable Email Invitations.
  • Plugin to Display Recommendations on Your Site.


Q: What Pages do I get?

• Menu Page with your list of services and images (sample Menu Page).

• Business Page (sample Business Page).

Q: What can QR Code provide access to?

• Information such as Covid-19 Updates, Menu, Class Schedule, List of Services, Photos, Your Coupons.

To recommend your business or read your recommendations.

• Subscribe to your emails.

• Join your referral program.

Q: How do I design a QR code flyer?

A: You can design a QR code flyer with our automatic Flyer Editor or by using one of our Google Drawings templates.

Q: What does the Flyer Editor do?

• Edit text on your flyer or postcard.

• Choose flyer size.

• Choose whether QR Code loads Business Page, Menu Page, or another URL.

Q: What can I create?

• Customized flyers to display at your business.

• Flyers and cards to hand out or mail to potential customers.

Q: Can I edit my Menu Page or Business Page?

A: Yes, check out our Video Tutorials for instructions.