Grow Your Business With Customer Recommendations

• Utilize your customer goodwill effectively by getting your customers to recommend your business.

• You can collect customer recommendations easily and quickly with our unique tools.

• With our Recommendations Platform, you don’t have to worry about negative reviews!

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Display the Recommendations on Your Website

It’s Essential to Have Great Reviews

• The average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business

• 48% of consumers only pay attention to reviews written within the past 2 weeks

• 84% believe that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant

Brightlocal Consumer Survey

Ready-to-Use Flyers and Postcards

QR Code provides 1-click access to your online info

Provide access to your Recommendations with Postcards

Request Recommendations with Flyers

Your Customers Want to Recommend You. Make It Easy!

76% of people will write a review if asked!

Get Customer Recommendations Quickly

• Best time to request customer recommendations is during their visit with you (or soon after)!

• Upload useful info like your Covid updates, coupons, or list of services. QR Code provides instant access.

• While customers check out your info, they will be prompted to recommend you

.• You can also send Invites


Quick Access to Your Info

  • QR Code for instant access to your Pages
  • Personalized Flyers & Postcards with QR Code
  • Editor to customize your Flyers and Postcards
  • Provide Covid-19 updates, menu of services, other info
  • Upload images of your business

Get Great Reviews Fast & Grow Your Business

  • Review Prompt
  • Invitation to Recommend
  • Customize Review Prompt
  • Customize Invitations
  • Plugin to Display Recommendations on Your Site

Market Your Business

  • Offer Deals
  • Post Events & Video

Easy to Get Customer Recommendations

The key to getting recommendations is to ask and make it effortless.

We do both for you!

How It Works

Set Up the Pages

Fill out form. Then, upload your info.

Download Flyer

  • From your Dashboard, click on ‘Menus / Brochures’ to download flyers
  • Choose the flyer according to your intended use
  • Use Flyer Editor to edit the flyer as necessary

Display Covid Response Flyer

A great place is on your front door.

QR Code Page

  • Your customers can scan the QR Code on the flyer and access your information with 1-click.
  • Your customers can recommend you by clicking on the thumb.

Menu of Services

You can also upload your Menu of Services to the QR Code Page

Display Services Menu Flyer at Your Business

  • Your customers can browse your Menu of Services while at your business
  • Great for upsell!

Request for Recommendation

  • Your Covid-19 Updates and Menu of Services give your customers a reason to scan your QR Code
  • On the flyer, they’ll see the request for a recommendation

Optional Review Prompt

  • You can set the review prompt to on.
  • It prompts your customers to recommend you while they browse.

Or, Send Invites

You can also send invitations to your customers to recommend you after their visits with you

Manage Invitations

See the status of all of your invitations at a glance. Status changes to ‘Left Review’ when the user leaves a recommendation.

Thumbs-up Only

  • Your customers can recommend you with 1, 2, or 3 thumbs up and upload pictures (1 thumb equals a 4-star review).
  • No need to worry about receiving negative reviews!

Try Your Other Services

  • Now that your customers have your QR Code Page saved on their phones, they can browse your Menu of Services at their leisure.
  • It makes it easier to try your other services.


  • User Flyer Editor to create postcards to mail or hand out
  • QR Code lets your potential customers read your recommendations
  • Different images to choose from

Use Flyer Editor to Create Materials to Show Off Your Recommendations

What does the Flyer Editor do?

  • Edit text on your marketing material
  • Choose marketing material size
  • Choose whether QR Code loads Business Page OR QR Code Page


What can I create?

  • Customized flyers to display at your business

  • Flyers and cards to hand out or mail to potential customers


What can QR Code provide access to?

  • Covid-19 Updates
  • Menu of Services
  • Your Photos
  • Business Page to recommend your business
  • Business Page to read your recommendations
  • Your coupons

Card to mail or hand out


Q: What Pages do I get?

Q: Can I design my own flyers?

A: With our Flyer Editor, you shouldn’t have to. But if you prefer, we provide a downloadable QR Code to insert in your own flyers or marketing materials.

Q: Can I edit my QR Code Page?

A: Yes. Instructions to add/edit your QR Code page.

Q: Can I edit my Business Page?

A: Yes. Click on ‘Click to update’ at the very top of your Dashboard.

Q: How do I contact you if I have questions?

A: email