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On this page, you will find videos on how to get more out of our features as well as videos with step-by-step instructions on how to use our Platform. If you still have questions after watching the videos, please check out our FAQ page or email us at


Platform Overview

Overview of which pages on the Dashboard to access to set up your online pages, emails campaigns, and referral program.

How to Customize QR Code Flyers

How to customize QR code flyers to get your customers to subscribe to your emails, join your referral program, or access your online info. How to set up email sign-up prompts.

Essentials Plan

Overview of what’s included in our Essentials Plan, available for $7.50 per month.

Plus Plan

Overview of what’s included in the Plus Plan, our Fully-Managed Digital Marketing Plan.

Online Pages

How to Edit Your Business Page

How to edit the main sections of your Business Page.

Uploading to the Menu Page

Step-by-step instructions on how to upload menus or images to the Menu Page.

Email Marketing

Local Business Email Marketing

Send emails to keep your customers coming back.

How to Set Up Emails

How to email updates and deals to your customers from the Email Setup page, edit the Sign Up page, and customize a QR code flyer.

Facebook and Instagram

How to use Facebook and Instagram to grow your email list.

Growing Your Email List

Tips and tricks on how to grow your email contact list quickly.

Referral Marketing

Redeeming Referral Rewards

How to redeem friend’s deals and advocate’s rewards for your referral program.

Adding a Referral Program

How to add a referral program.

More Details

Managing Your Referral Program

How to manage your referral program.

More Details


Review Booster

How to Get More Customers to Recommend Your Business.


Real Estate Info Connect

Capture More Leads and Grow Your Funnel

How to Set Up Real Estate Info Connect

Capture More Leads With One-Click Sign-in and Automated Emails