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Referral Marketing

Get More Customers to Refer Their Friends

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Benefits of Referral Programs

♦ Increase referrals from your customers.

♦ Get new customers that are more likely to become regular customers.

♦ Spend much less on advertising.

♦ Unlike pay-per-click ads, you only pay for completed transactions.

Why Our Platform

♦ Easy for your customers to refer you to large numbers of people.

♦ Invite links tracks the referrals so your customers are confident they are getting credit for referrals and are encouraged to refer more.



At $7.50 Per Month, the Essentials Plan Includes the Following Features

Referral Marketing


Unlimited Referring Customers

150 Referrals Per 6 Month Period

Email Marketing

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Unlimited Contacts Stored

250 Contacts Emailed Per Month

Pages and Events


Web Pages and QR Codes

Unlimited Events

How It Works

Setting Up a Referral Program Takes Only Minutes!

Set up Rewards

♦ Fill out simple online form

♦ Choose reward for your customers

♦ Choose reward for referred friends

♦ It can be discount off your product/service, cash reward, gift card, or gift

Salon Referral Program 10%

3 Ways to Invite Your Customers to Refer

♦ Display QR code flyer at your business

♦ Send email invitations

♦ Publish Join Referral Program link on your website or social media accounts

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Friends Activate Coupon

♦ Each customer gets a unique referral link to track rewards earned

♦ To earn reward, your customers can recommend your business and include their referral link


Redeem Coupons

♦ Friend redeems the reward coupon at your business

♦ Then, referring customer automatically gets a reward coupon


Why Referral Programs Work

Your customers are convincing cheerleaders


Rewards motivate customers to refer friends


Rewards motivate friends to try your business


Referrals Are The Most Trusted Ad Format

Referrals From Friends (83%)

Branded Websites (70%)

Online Reviews (66%)

Search Engine Ads (47%)

How Referral Programs Help Your Business

FREE and organic social media buzz

Our technology makes it easy for your customers to refer you through social media sites, Google groups, or Whatsapp groups


More Customers During Your Slow Times

Offer rewards that are redeemable during your slow times

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Referred Customers are Better Customers

Referred customers spend 2X more


Referred customers make 2X as many referrals


Save on Cost of Advertising

Unlike pay-per-click advertising, our pricing is based on completed transactions.

# of Referring Customers

Link Impressions

Link Clicks

Completed Sale





Can be less than $0.30 per transaction


Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Approximately $1 / click

Approximately $50 or more

Our design helps you maximize referrals


♦ One coupon activation per friend

♦ You can

• pause program

• void coupon, extend coupon

• block customer

• set minimum purchase amount

♦ Many other advanced features



♦ See how well each Referral Program is performing

♦ See which customers refer the most

♦ See who has activated a friend’s coupon but not yet redeemed

♦ Customers can see who used their referral links and are motivated to refer more

♦ Customers feel confident they are getting credit for their referrals