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Essentials Plan

$7.50 Per Month

All-in-One Online Marketing Solution for Local Businesses

Share Information


Pages & QR Code Generator

Unlimited Events

Get Customers to Return

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Unlimited Contacts Stored

250 Contacts Emailed Per Month

Acquire New Customers


Unlimited Referring Customers

150 Referrals Per 6 Month Period


Share Information With Your Customers

Business Page

Customers Can View Your

• Description

• Video


Check Out Your Images

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Get Driving Directions and Tap to Call

Phone Driving Directions and Tap to Call

See If You Are Open

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Check Out Details About Your Business

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Menu Page

Loads Super Fast on Phones

Upload Your Menu

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Menu of Services

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Amenities or Class Schedule

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QR Code Flyer

Provides in-person customers with instant accesss to your info

Scan Class Schedule Prana Yoga

In-person access to your online ordering page

Scan Order Now


Customers can scan QR code to learn more about the Event and sign up for your Event mailing list. 

Event Page Live Music Fridays Phone
Event Live Music Fridays Prompt


Send Emails to Keep Your Customers Coming Back




InstantSignUp Process

In-Person Customers Can Sign up for Your Emails Instantly

In-Person Customers


Takeout Customers and Passersby


Customers Do Not Need to Type Email


Beautiful Images Included

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Pay Much Less and Get Much More

Unlimited Contact Storage

Other email services charge monthly for contacts stored, including unsubscribed contacts and contacts not emailed that month. Unlike other email services, we charge only for contacts emailed.

Price Comparison Transparent

SmartList Algorithm

Our SmartList algorithm will automatically deliver emails to contacts that are most likely to visit you, based on factors such as when they signed up and how many emails they’ve opened and/or clicked.

SmartList Algorithm 2022 June


Invite links make it easy for your customers to refer you to large groups of people


Your Best Salespeople

Your satisfied customers are convincing cheerleaders. Rewards motivate your customers to refer their friends.

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Social Media Referrals

To earn rewards, your customers can recommend your business on Facebook, Instagram, or their chat groups.


Track With Invite Links

Invite links let referring customers feel confident they are getting credit for their referrals. They can see who used their invite links and are motivated to refer more friends. 

Redeem With QR Codes

Scan QR codes to redeem friends’ deals and referring customers’ rewards.

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