Marketing Solutions Designed for Local Businesses

At Hoursmap, we are focused on helping local businesses succeed and grow. We recognize that the strength of local businesses is that they see their customers in-person, and we help them leverage these in-person interactions to grow their business.

On our Platform, while customers are at their local business, they can sign up for the business’s email list, join their referral program, request information, browse their menu of services online, or recommend the business. For most local businesses, it’s not cost effective to have their own app. Through the use of QR codes and interactive web pages, we provide similar functionalities, minus the cost.

Plans to Fit Every Budget

Essentials Plan

$7.50 Per Month

All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution for Local Businesses

Plus Plan

• Fully-Managed Digital Marketing

• We Set Up and Manage Your Email Campaigns, Event (or Referral Program), and Online Pages

• We Design a QR Code Flyer and Email Images

• We Help You Maximize Your Email List Growth

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