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Marketing Solutions Designed for Local Businesses

We help local businesses leverage their strengths

At Hoursmap, we are singularly focused on helping local businesses succeed and grow. We recognize that the strength of local businesses is that they see their customers in-person, and we help them leverage these in-person interactions to grow their business.

On our Platform, while customers are at their local business, they can sign up for the business’s referral program, opt-in to their email list, browse their menu of services online, or recommend the business. For most local businesses, it’s not cost effective to have their own app. Through the use of QR codes and interactive web pages, we provide the same functionalities as apps, minus the cost.

Our full set of marketing features are specifically designed for local businesses:

Email Marketing

Give your customers a reason to sign up for your email list


Scan QR Code Restaurant-800Jpg85

Collect contact info from in-store customers

Keep your customers coming back with reminders and special offers

Referral Happy Hour 800Jpg85

Track your email opens and clicks

Referral Marketing

Your Customers are Your Best Salespeople

Rewards motivate your customers to refer their friends

Information Marketing

Upload your menu of services. QR Code provides instant access to in-store customers.

Phone Village Bistro Menu-Jpg85
Midtown Salon Menu Page 1-S800Jpg85

Loads super fast on phones!

Recommendation Marketing

Our unique technology makes getting recommendations easy and fast

Requesting Review-800Jpg85

QR Code gets your customers to recommend you before they leave

Coupon Marketing

Coupons give your regular customers that extra nudge to visit you again


You can set begin and end dates, so managing them is easy!

Event Marketing

Publishing your events on our site couldn’t be easier


Counters show how many are going