At Hoursmap, we are singularly focused on helping local businesses succeed and grow. We recognize that the strength of local businesses is that they see their customers in-person, and we help them leverage these in-person interactions to grow their business.

On our Platform, while customers are at their local business, they can sign up for the business’s referral program, opt-in to their email list, browse their menu of services online, or recommend the business.

Refer-A-Friend Marketing

…Because People Trust Friends More Than Ads

You can set up a Referral Program in just minutes

Your satisfied customers are convincing cheerleaders

Rewards motivate your customers to refer their friends

& friends to become your customers

Customers and friends get coupons to redeem with you

Our system helps you maximize referrals

Set Up a Referral Program

That Provides an Incentive to Your Customers to Refer Their Friends