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Pay Much Less

Unlimited Contact Storage

Other email services charge monthly for contacts stored, including unsubscribed contacts and contacts not emailed that month. Unlike other email services, we charge only for contacts emailed.

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Get Much More

We Are Unlike Any Other Email Services

1. Our All-In-One Platform grows your email contact list quickly with our InstantSignup process.

2. Our AutomatedEmail system sends the emails and handle email bounces and unsubscribes.

3. For replies, you can use your email address or use our no-reply email address, if you prefer to not reply to emails.

4. Our SmartList algorithm will deliver emails to your top contacts so you get maximum value for your budget.

5. Unlike other email services, we charge for contacts emailed and not contacts stored. So, even if you don’t clean your list regularly, you can still stay within your budget.

6. Our ModularUpdates technology makes it much easier to pre-schedule months of updates at once and plan drip campaigns.

7. Beautiful images included to help you send great-looking emails. If you need customization, you can use our custom design services, included in the Plus Plan.

Essentials Plan is Only $7.50 per Month and Includes

Email Marketing, Referral Marketing, QR Code Generator, Pages, Events and Info Connect

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Sign Up in Person

To sign up for your emails, your customers scan a QR code and then click on their social logins.

In-Person Customers


Delivery Customers and Passersby


One Click to Subscribe to Your Emails


Facebook and Instagram

How to use Facebook and Instagram to grow your email list

Your Website

Integrate an email sign-up link on your website


Grow Your Email List Quickly

Diners love food photos. Offering food images through a QR code flyer will dramatically increase scans of the QR code and help grow your email list quickly.

Village Bistro Letter Portrait (8.5X11)

A Better Way to Send Emails

Easier Way to Do Drip Campaigns

Our ModularUpdates Technology makes it easy to pre-schedule updates and plan drip campaigns. Just set start and end dates for each update.

Right Update at the Right Time

Have a Easter offer and a Mother’s Day offer? We’ll email the right offers at the right time according to the validity dates of your offers.

Skip Complicated Email Marketing Steps

We send the emails so you can don’t have to deal with the tedious set-up of email marketing.

Emails are Automatically Delivered

• After customer scans QR code.

• When you add new update.

• As periodic reminders.

No Time to Reply to Emails?

You can choose to send emails from our no-reply email address instead of your own email address.

Beautiful Images for Emails

Have a special request? Email us! If it’s something that other customers can use, we’ll generally make it available.

Unlimited Contacts Stored

Our SmartList algorithm will automatically deliver emails to contacts that are most likely to visit you, based on factors such as when they signed up and how many emails they’ve opened and/or clicked. The algorithm is designed to give you maximum value for your budget.

SmartList Algorithm 2022 June

You Can Provide Updates

Highlight a Menu Item or Service

♦ Daily Specials

♦ Chef Recommendations

♦ Family Bundles or Combos

♦ Catering Menu

Provide Holiday Updates

♦ Holiday Menu

♦ Holiday Hours


Introduce a New Menu Item

Seasonal Special: Crab Legs


Get Delivery Customers to Order Directly From You

Village Bistro 8.5X11 Takeout Menu Menu Page

Offer Deals

Offer Coupons to Get Customers to Visit More Frequently


Encourage Minimum Purchase: Free Fries with $20+ Order


More Customers On Slow Days: Free Drink With Entree on Tuesdays


Offer Flash Deals: Free Spicy Tuna Roll this Wednesday with $30+ Order


Why Send Email to Current Customers?

Increasing Repeat Customers 2022 June
Receive Emails 2022 June

♦ 87% of diners would like to hear about specials and discounts

♦ 72% of guests would like to hear about new menu items

Should You Offer Coupons?

Coupons have been proven to help drive traffic at restaurants

♦ 77% of consumers said they use restaurant coupons

♦ Households with income above $150,000 are 11% more likely than average to use restaurant coupons

♦ 60% of weekly diners will pick the restaurant that offers a coupon

♦ 4 in 10 consumers want to receive a promotional offer from restaurants at least once a week

We Cost Much Less Than Other Forms of Advertising


$7.50 for 1250 email updates (250 contacts)

Direct Mail

$1000-$1500 for 1250 postcards

Pay Per Click Ads

Approximately $1250 for 1250 clicks

Yelp or Groupon

30% or more of the purchase price per transaction