Automated Emails Keep Your Customers Coming Back

We Grow Your Email List Quicker and Give You Maximum Value for Your Budget

Plans Start at Just $7.50/Month

Why Send Email Updates?

It’s an incredibly impactful way to attract and retain customers

♦ 87% of diners like to hear about specials and discounts

♦ 72% of guests like to hear about new menu items

Smarter Email Marketing

All-In-On Platform

1. Grow your email subscriber list quickly with our InstantSignup process.

2. Our SmartList algorithm will deliver emails to your best contacts so you get maximum value for your budget.

3. With Our ModularUpdates technology, it’s much easier to schedule time-sensitive updates (especially useful during the holidays).

Send Holiday Email Updates

Encourage Customers to Consider You for Their Holiday Celebrations

Update Them on Your Holiday Hours

Build Your Customer List Quickly

InstantSignup Process

Print customized flyer from your Dashboard and display at your business.

Customers scan the QR Code to receive updates and deals from you.

Delivery Customers and Passerby

Delivery customers and passersby can sign up for your updates and deals as well

No Need to Enter Email

Customers can sign up with just one click by using their Google or Facebook logins.

Smarter Way to Send Emails

ModularUpdates Technology

We makes it much easier to schedule time-sensitive updates. Just fill out a simple online form and set start and end date for each update:

♦ Provide an update, such as your holiday menu or hours, specials, or chef’s recommendation

♦ Offer a deal, such as for takeout or during your slow times

The update will be automatically included in emails based on the dates you set.

Automatic Email Delivery

♦ When a customer subscribes to your emails

♦ When you add a new Update or a new Deal and set start date

♦ Reminders sent twice a month (can change to once a month or Never)

We Send the Emails

You don’t send the emails. We do. This means we deal with the hassle of traditional email marketing, like bounces and unsubscribes, so you don’t have to.

We Maximize Your Budget

Choose the Plan that fits your budget. After you reach your contact limit, additional customers can still subscribe to your emails.

SmartList Algorithm

Our SmartList algorithm will automatically deliver emails to contacts that are most likely to visit you, based on factors such as when they signed up and how many emails they opened and/or clicked.

The algorithm is designed to give you maximum value for your budget. So, if your budget is $7.50 a month, and you have 500 subscribers, your emails will get delivered to the 250 best contacts.

Provide Updates

Highlight Your Menus

♦ Market Your Specials: Daily Specials $15.99

♦ Share Chef Recommendations

♦ Email Your Family Bundles or Combos

♦ Let Them Know About Your Catering Menu

Introduce a New Menu Item

Seasonal Special: Crab Legs

Offer Coupons

Set Up the Coupon

Sample Offers:

♦ 10% Off $30+ Order

♦ Free Fries with $20+ Order

Customers Use Your Coupons

Once customers receive your coupons in their inbox, they can use them

Automated Deals Overview


How they work, and how they can help your business.

Offer Deals for Takeout or During Slow Times

Grow Your Takeout Business

Sample Offer: 10% off Pick-Up Orders

More Customers During Your Slow Times

Sample Offers:

♦ Free Drink With Entree on Tuesdays

♦ Happy Hour 4-6pm Mon-Thu

♦ For each adult entree purchase, get one free kids’ meal on Tuesdays

Flash Deals For Your Slow Days

Sample Offer: Free Spicy Tuna Roll this Wednesday with $30+ Order

Save on Advertising Costs


$7.50 for 1500 email updates

Direct Mail

$1200-$1500 for 1500 postcards

Pay Per Click Ads

Approximately $1500 for 1500 clicks

Yelp or Groupon

30% or more of the purchase price per transaction

Should You Offer Coupons?

Coupons have been proven to help drive traffic at restaurants

♦ 77% of consumers said they use restaurant coupons

♦ Households with income above $150,000 are 11% more likely than average to use restaurant coupons

♦ 60% of weekly diners will pick the restaurant that offers a coupon

♦ 4 in 10 consumers want to receive a promotional offer from restaurants at least once a week


No credit card required. Choose any Plan and use code free1zq. Have a special code? Use that one instead.


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  • $7.50/mo

    Paid every 6 months
  • Auto Updates: 250 Contacts
  • Refer-a-Friend (150 referrals/6 months)
  • $15/mo

    Paid every 6 months
  • Auto Updates: 750 Contacts
  • Refer-a-Friend (150 referrals/6 months)
  • $25

  • Auto Updates: 1500 Contacts
  • Refer-a-Friend (100 referrals/mo)
  • $35

  • Auto Updates: 2500 Contacts
  • Refer-a-Friend (100 referrals/mo)
  • $55

  • Auto Updates: 5000 Contacts
  • Auto Updates: 1 Phone Setup/Mo
  • Refer-a-Friend (200 referrals/mo)
  • $89

  • Auto Updates: 10,000 Contacts
  • Auto Updates: 1 Phone Setup/Mo
  • Refer-a-Friend (Unlimited Referrals)

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