User Features


Bookmark the places that you frequent most or that you would like to check out. You can then see all your saved places on one easy-to-navigate page.


Explore what's around you using our search feature. Or, check out our city pages. The map shows you where the places are at-a-glance.


Recommend the places that you love. Upload photos and share details about your experiences. Our users love discovering new places to explore.


Create a List of Favorites With Bookmarks

Do you love your neighborhood and know the local favorite hangouts, hidden gems, and great places to buy the freshest fruits, get a haircut, or have a car repaired? We would love for you to join our site and share your knowledge with your community.

On our site, you can recommend businesses, write reviews, and upload photos. Click 'Login' above to get started.


More Features for Businesses Means More Features for You

On our site, businesses can offer coupons, post their events, upload their menus, and allow users to sign-up for their email list. These features allow our users to take advantage of what their local businesses have to offer.

QR codes give you instant access to local business information while you are there. Accessing information for your local businesses has never been easier!