Online Pages and QR Code Generator

Upload your menu to the Menu Page. QR Code provides your in-person customers with instant access.

Sit-down restaurants

Contactless alternative to paper menus

Counter service restaurants

Socially-distanced option to menu boards


Loads ordering page or takeout menu

Other Businesses

Upload menu of services, schedule of classes, Covid updates, brochures

Sample Menu Page (see on phone)

Optimized for Use on Phones

Phone Village Bistro Menu-Jpg85

Available as Part of Essentials Plan

$7.50 Per Month and Includes

♦ Online Pages & QR Code Generator

• Online Menu (or Pages)

• Driving Directions

• QR Code Flyer for your in-person customers to subscribe to emails, sign up for your referral program, or view your Online Menu (or Pages) and images

♦ Email Marketing

♦ Referral Marketing


QR Code Can Access Your Online Ordering Page


Get Delivery Customers to Order from You Directly



What You Can Upload to the Menu Page

Covid Updates

Menu of Services


How It Works

Set Up Menu Page

• After choosing plan, fill out form.

• Then, upload menu. The formats accepted are jpg, png, gif, and pdf.

• You can also set up a QR Code to access a URL on your website or another website.


Customer Scans QR Code

Your menu page will automatically load, providing 1-click access to your menu.


Optimized for Phones

• The Menu Page is optimized for phone browsing.

• You can upload other images, such as images of your menu items.

Phone Village Bistro Menu & Images-S600Jpg85

QR Code Flyer

What does the Flyer Editor do?

• Edit text on your flyer

• Choose flyer size

• Choose whether QR Code loads Business Page, Menu Page, or another web page


What can I create?

• Customized flyers to display in your business

• Flyers and cards to hand out or mail to potential customers

What can QR Code provide access to?

• Sign up for your email list Learn More About Email Marketing

• Sign up for your referral program Learn More About Referral Marketing

• Business Page

◊ Get driving directions

◊ Tap to call your business

◊ View your images or read your description

◊ Recommend your business

◊ Read your recommendations

• Menu Page

◊ Takeout or dine-in menu

◊ Menu of services

◊ Schedule of classes

◊ Covid Updates

• Another web page

◊ Online order page

◊ Your website

Subscribe to Your Email List


Join Your Referral Program


Order From You



Q: What Pages do I get?

Q: Can I design my own flyers?

A: With our Editing Tool, you shouldn’t have to. But if you prefer, we provide a downloadable QR Code to insert in your own flyers or marketing materials.

Q: Can I edit my menus and pages?

A: Yes. You can manage your menus and your pages from your Dashboard. For more details, check out our Video Tutorials.

Q: How do I contact you if I have questions?

A: email

Q: Where should I display QR code flyers?

Other than your storefront, a good way to display QR code Flyers is with sign holders. The acrylic materials allow the sign holders to be cleaned regularly. Sign holders are available online from Staples and other stores: 8.5 X 11 sign holders and 5 X 7 sign holders are available. To print your flyers or cards, you can try a Office Depot, FedEx or Staples near you.