Real Estate Info Connect

Collect Email Addresses at Open Houses, For Sale Signs, and Listing Brochures

Offer information (like floor plan), then potential buyer scans a QR code and signs in. They’ll receive the information in their inbox instantly, and you’ll have captured their email addresses.

• Sellers enjoy seeing a list of potential buyers.

• Potential buyers receive the information they are looking for instantly.

• Agents save time since the information is sent automatically.

Local Business Digital Marketing

Share Information

Online Pages & QR Codes


Get Customers to Return

Email Marketing

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Acquire New Customers

Referral Marketing


Email Marketing

Pay Much Less and Get Much More

Other Email Services Charge for Contacts Stored

With Us, You Get Unlimited Stored Contacts

InstantSignup Process

In-Person Customers

Delivery Customers and Passerby

No Typing Necessary to Sign Up

Easier Way to Do Drip Campaigns

Our ModularUpdates Technology makes it easy to pre-schedule updates and plan drip campaigns. Just set start and end dates for each update.

Standard Emails

You can send regular emails as well.

Emails are Automatically Delivered

• After Customer Scans QR Code

• When You Add New Update

• As Periodic Reminders

We Send the Emails

• We handle Email Bounces and Unsubscribes so You can Skip the Tedious Steps of Email Marketing

Beautiful Images Included

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Referral Marketing

Social Media

We make it easy for your customers to use social media to refer their friends

Set up Rewards

• Fill out simple online form

• Enter Reward for Your Customers

• Enter Reward for Referred Friends

• It can be discount off your product/service, cash reward, gift card, or gift.

Track With Invite Links

Invite links let referring customers feel confident they are getting credit for their referrals. They can see who used their invite links and are motivated to refer more friends. 

Redeem Coupons

• Friends click on invite links to activate coupons

• Friends redeems the reward coupons at your business

• Then, referring customers get reward coupons