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I used this florist for my wedding this past Halloween, while the flowers looked great they operated in a very unprofessional manner. We spent almost $800 on our arch and not only did the driver arrive an hour late to the venue we also lost 30 minutes of our reception. When we asked why the driver was late we were told he had gotten a flat tire but neglected to contact anyone and showed up an hour late. When we asked for a small refund for the arch due to the fact that we lost 30 minutes of our reception, which in actuality cost us way more then what we were asking for. The owner simply offered $100 back when we kindly asked him if he can do any better he refused, despite the massive over-site that occurred. It is a shame because we told him we would be happy with $200. We have had many people ask about the flowers, unfortunately now I will have to tell them that they do bad business and would not recommend them.

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