Real Estate Info Connect

Unique and Highly Effective Way to Collect Email Addresses

at Open Houses, For Sale Signs, and Listing Brochures

Offer information (like floor plan), then potential buyers scan a QR code to sign in. They’ll receive the information in their inbox instantly, and you’ll have captured their email addresses.

• Sellers enjoy seeing a list of potential buyers.

• Buyers receive the information they are looking for instantly.

• Real estate agents save time since the information is sent automatically.

Essentials Plan $7.50 Per Month

How it Works

Offer Information Potential Buyers are Looking for

Generate QR code flyers and offer information about this property or other relevant information, such as floor plan, comps, disclosure package, and sale history.

Display the QR Code Flyers at the Open House

Display the flyers at the entrance, the exit, or around the house. Many visitors at an open house are not quite ready to engage with an agent and are just looking for information. The QR code flyers enable them to sign in at their leisure and on their own device, without having to talk to anyone.

Flower and Flyer on Table

Listing Brochures

You can also insert the QR code in your listing brochures. Potential buyers can scan for additional info, like a virtual tour, or more images.

White and Grey Modern House For Sale Flyer With QR Code

For Sale Signs

You can display the flyer with your For Sale signs. When your listing brochures run out, visitors can scan the QR code to receive a digital copy of the brochure.

Letter Portrait With Image (8.5X11)

Landing Page and Sign-In

After potential buyers scan the QR Code, they’ll see a landing page and then they’ll be prompted to sign in.

Event Page Samsung
Sign In Prompt Phone

Visitors Receive Information Right Away

A potential buyer will receive the information they are looking for in their inbox right away.


See Your Leads Instantly

After your contacts scan the QR code and sign in, they will appear on your Dashboard. They will be tagged, so you’ll know which listing they are interested in. You can set up drip marketing emails on our Platform or export the leads to your CRM.

Customers Dashboard

How We are Different

One-Click Sign-In Helps You Collect More Leads

To sign in, other digital sign-in services require visitors to type their name and email address, which can discourage some visitors from signing in. We enable visitors to use their Google or facebook accounts, so all they have to do is click to sign in. Because it’s so much easier to sign in on our Platform, you’ll be able to collect more leads.

Sign In Prompt Phone

Automated Email Impresses Potential Buyers and Saves You Time

Usually, potential buyers need to wait until you get into the office to receive the information they are looking for. With our automated emails, they can get the info right away, which saves you lots of time.


We Cost Much Less Than Other Paid Services

Our Platform costs much less than other paid digital sign-in services, and we include many additional features.


Your Visitors Will Prefer Us Over the Free Services

The free digital sign-in services show ads or share your information with third parties. We respect your visitors’ time and privacy and do not engage in either of these practices.