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Who We Are

      As we have grown over the years, we have never lost sight of our focus on helping customers and businesses in the “real economy.” From checking accounts and debit cards to savings products to treasury management services, we help customers manage their daily financial lives. We help families buy that first home or car. We provide funding to businesses, small and large, to expand and hire. We help our customers plan and save for retirement. We support our communities.

      Some call this a “Main Street” focus. We believe that this community-based approach to financial services lets us serve our customers in the best way possible and differentiates us from the other large banks.

      Community based

      By “community based” we mean we’re not just a bank that happens to be in the community; we’re a community bank. We’re “in and of” every community in which we do business, whether it’s Columbia, South Carolina; Des Moines, Iowa; or Roseville, California. And we’re in more U.S. communities than any of our competitors.

      We all identify with our communities and take geographic pride in where we live and where we’re from. That’s my town. That’s my state. As part of our work to find what’s best for each of our customers, we think about what’s best for our communities — the places where we live and work, pay taxes, raise families, educate children, buy groceries, and support local nonprofits.

      We’re local first, then national. We weren’t born as a national bank that then decided to be local. We were born as a local bank in one community that does business on Main Street, and then we grew into a family of many local banks in many communities.

      Every segment of the industry in which we do business — including banking, mortgage, investments, and insurance — started in a neighborhood and a town and grew to be national, not the other way around.

      “Out-local the nationals and out-national the locals®”

      Since we’re local and national at the same time, we say that we want to out-local the nationals and out-national the locals.

      This means we look like a national bank but behave like a smaller bank. It means customers know local tellers by name, and tellers refer customers to a global world of financial products and services. “Out-national the locals” means we must offer better products, more channels, superior technology, and a broader product line than smaller local competitors. “Out-local the nationals” means we stay closer to our customers than any national competitor in our communities; we understand our local customer needs; and we provide professional, personalized, timely service on a first-name basis.

      We offer our retail customers the most extensive, convenient distribution system in our industry. We have more than 8,600 locations and 13,000 ATMs. Our customers call our phone banks hundreds of millions of times a year. As the first U.S. bank to offer online banking, we provide products through our online and digital channels to meet the financial needs of every one of our customers, including consumers, small businesses, middle-market companies, and large corporations. We want our digital services to be known as the best, most integrated “trusted gateway” for our customers’ financial services.

      We have three major customer segments: individuals, small businesses, and large businesses. We have five major business groups: Community Banking; Wealth and Investment Management; Consumer Lending; Payments, Virtual Solutions and Innovation; and Wholesale Banking.

      Our corporate headquarters is in San Francisco, but we believe our real “head”quarters is where our customers are. Likewise, our talent and resources are broadly dispersed. We have significant “hubquarters” of employment and expertise in many large metro areas, including Charlotte, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Des Moines, St. Louis, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles, and Houston.

      Many of our products and services are ranked No. 1, 2, or 3 in the U.S. For example, we’re No. 1 in the number of retail banking locations, originating and servicing home mortgages, small business lending, commercial real estate lending, auto lending, and debit cards. We’re No. 2 in private student loans. And we’re No. 3 among full-service retail brokerage providers. For a full list of how we rank, see the latest edition of the “Wells Fargo Today” fact sheet on wellsfargo.com.

      Rankings such as these are important measures not because they indicate how big we are, but because they indicate how well we are satisfying our customers’ financial needs.

      Our brand

      The Wells Fargo brand is consistently ranked as one of the most valuable banking brands in the world.

      Our brand is what people say about Wells Fargo to their friends and family. It’s how they feel about doing business with us and how they describe those feelings.

      We have a brand platform that defines our brand and who we are for customers and team members. At the center of that platform is our brand purpose. It says what we believe, how we differ from our competitors, and how we care for customers. Our brand purpose is: “To help our customers succeed financially. We believe better is possible for everyone. This is why team members work together every day to help our customers reach their goals.”

      Our brand purpose is supported by these principles, or brand pillars, to deliver on our purpose and promise to work together to differentiate Wells Fargo from our competitors:

      • Relationships that last a lifetime. We know our customers and care about them as individuals. In every interaction with us, they should feel understood, recognized, and supported through their financial journey.
      • Expertise and guidance to help our customers make confident decisions. We provide guidance and options so that customers can make informed choices.
      • Going the extra mile to do what’s right. We must put the interests of customers and communities first in all we do. We must come through for them so they know we are there in good times and bad. We must work to make their lives easier.

      Our customers depend on us to help them succeed on their financial journey. Our team members are the Wells Fargo brand and the foundation of our brand’s success.

      Our stagecoach symbolizes our strength and stability, and it’s recognized worldwide. It says to our customers, “We’ve been here for more than 160 years, and we’ll be here for you in the future, too.” It reinforces the essence of our brand, “Together we’ll go far.” We’re one of only about a dozen U.S. public companies of that vintage that’s still in its founding business under its founding name.

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