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Our Mission

To provide physician-focused and affordable investment banking services catered to physicians selling their medical practice or outpatient facility.


For more than 34 years, the Seigel family owned and operated the Suncoast Eye Center in the Tampa Bay area. The ophthalmology practice grew to include an ambulatory surgery center, two ophthalmic practices, and two medical office buildings. I was asked by family to assist them with the sale of the Suncoast Eye Center. Through that experience, I saw first-hand the unique challenges of selling a medical practice and outpatient facility.

The Challenges

Deal ComplexitiesThroughout any healthcare transaction, physicians will encounter many unexpected legal, tax, accounting, real estate, and succession planning issues that are critical to ensuring a successful closing on the deal. Often times, physicians are not made aware of these complexities until it is too late in the sales process.

IntermediariesPhysicians struggle to find qualified healthcare investment banking services for smaller transactions. Because the fee structure for most investment banks makes it impractical to assist physicians on smaller deals, the alternatives are not ideal, as non-investment banking intermediaries lack the expertise or licensure to conduct these transactions. Thus, a large swath of physician cannot find qualified and cost-effective healthcare investment banking services catered to selling their medical practice or outpatient facility.

The Solutions

Our Unique ExperienceAs owner-operators that have gone through this process ourselves, we have a detailed understanding of the various transactional complexities. Our background as licensed practitioners in investment banking, law, real estate, and accounting allows us to have a comprehensive approach to solving the potential obstacles to successfully closing a deal.

Physician-Centered Investment BankingSeigel Advisory Services was established to fill a gap in the marketplace by providing quality and affordable services to physicians for smaller transactions. As a boutique healthcare investment bank, we work closely with physicians throughout the United States seeking to sell their medical practice or outpatient facility.

Our Goal

At Seigel Advisory Services, we serve physicians to achieve their goals and objectives through the sale of their medical practice or outpatient facility. If you are a physician looking for an investment bank that is physician-focused, that has advisors with a legal and accounting background, and that provides affordable services, then we can be of excellent service to you!

Whether you are at the beginning stages of this journey or ready to go to market, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are honored to work with physicians who work so diligently and sacrificially to care for their patients. At Seigel Advisory Services, we aspire to make the busy lives of physicians easier.

As a result of this sales process, I witnessed first-hand the challenges and pitfalls facing physicians and healthcare business owners when selling their healthcare business. Many healthcare business owners are unaware of the significant tax, accounting, succession planning, and legal issues that arise throughout the sales process.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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