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As a restaurant, we’re proud to say we’ve made some changes for you, our customers. Without you, there would be no us. So, we’re making it our mission to be the McDonald’s you want. One that’s dedicated to improving the way we prepare our quality food and the ingredients that go into it. One that understands that what’s good for you and your family is good for us. That’s why our food philosophy is this—The Simpler The Better.™

New Chicken Antibiotics Policy

In March of 2015, we committed to source chickens not treated with antibiotics important to human medicine* in two years’ time. We are proud to say that we fulfilled that promise for our chicken nearly a year ahead of schedule.

*Farmers still use ionophores, a class of antibiotics that are not prescribed to people, to help keep chickens healthy.

A Global Commitment to Sustainable Beef

Burgers are an integral part of our menu, but that’s just one of the reasons we’re on a journey to advance more sustainable beef production. We’re striving to improve environmental practices in how beef is produced, make a positive difference in the lives of farmers, and to drive improvements in animal health and welfare. By joining forces with our partners, our goal is to influence industry-wide changes on a global scale.

Pride in Preparation

Every day, our kitchens work to prepare your food just the way you like it. That’s why we’ve implemented a new searing method for beef which makes our burgers hot and juicy. We’ve also begun toasting our buns for burgers and sandwiches 5 seconds longer for a little extra crisp.

Back to Basics

Our food philosophy is – The Simpler The BetterTM, and our menu shows it with ingredients like real butter on our breakfast items. Or, our Artisan Grilled Chicken: it’s made with 100% grilled chicken breast filet and simple ingredients you’d find in your pantry. Even our tasty Buttermilk Crispy Chicken embraces batter with real buttermilk. Simply delicious.

Commitment to Cage-Free Eggs

We’re proud of our commitment to only source cage-free eggs by 2025 in the US and Canada, a commitment that has had a ripple effect throughout the industry. Today, McDonald’s USA already purchases more than 13 million cage-free eggs each year, some of which are used in our freshly-cracked Egg McMuffin®.

Breakfast Refresh

We’re making our Breakfast even more popular with a positive change: Now, our pork sausage patty and our folded eggs have no artificial preservatives. And, still with no artificial flavors or colors, that means another great reason to wake up to the favorites you love on our All Day Breakfast Menu.

Commitment to Sustainably Sourced Coffee

McDonald’s is making meaningful changes to our coffee supply chain. We’ve partnered with other industry leaders in a shared effort to make coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural product by joining Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

In addition to 100% of the espresso beans used in the McCafé beverages we serve in our restaurants being sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified™, we’ve launched the McCafé Sustainability Improvement Platform (SIP) which will help us engage our entire coffee value chain in sustainable sourcing.

We are also committed to sustainable packaging—our goal is to source 100% of our fiber-based packaging from certified or recycled sources by 2020.

Learn more from our 2016 Coffee Sustainability Report [PDF] that outlines key elements of our sustainable coffee sourcing efforts.

Milk From Cows not Treated with rbST

The milk we use in our low-fat white Milk Jugs, fat-free chocolate Milk Jugs and Go-Gurt® Low Fat strawberry yogurt comes from cows that are not treated with rbST, an artificial growth hormone*.

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated and non-rbST-treated cows.

Evolving the Happy Meal® for the Better

In March 2012, McDonald’s USA introduced a new Happy Meal® bundle that automatically included Apple Slices and a smaller, kid-sized fry and we continue to expand the Happy Meal side options, which now includes Apple Slices, Go-Gurt Low Fat strawberry yogurt and, when in season, Cuties as a fresh fruit choice. We’ve served 59 million California-grown Cuties to date, each providing about one-quarter cup of fruit and is an excellent source of vitamin C. McDonald’s also stopped promoting soft drinks as a beverage choice with its Happy Meal in 2004, which led to a real change in how families ordered with more families selecting milk or juice as their beverage choice with Happy Meals.

Our Salad Medley

Recently, we’ve added baby spinach, baby kale, romaine & red leaf lettuce to our salad blend. Our premium salads offer at least 2.5 cups of vegetables. That’s a lot of green!

Sustainability at Sea

We serve wild-caught Alaskan Pollock which has been sourced from a fishery and certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. In fact, in the US, the Alaskan Pollock filets used in our Filet-O-Fish® can be directly traced back to a sustainable fishery.

Committed to Menu Evolution

Change is good, especially when it means adding new tastes to our menu. Ingredients like Gilroy Garlic and avocados will be making an appearance, as well as turkey sausage in our breakfast options. For a little extra kick, get ready because we’re testing Sriracha.

Making Nutrition Information Accessible

It’s been a longstanding practice to provide you with relevant nutrition information so you can make informed food choices. We’re continuing to develop new ways to provide this information to you such as our new Nutrition Calculator and our mobile app.

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