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Find what's open near you. HoursMap puts store hours on a map so you can see open businesses nearby. Dots change from red to green to show what's open now.

This widget will show stores and restaurants from the region you specify in the "City, State" box. Once you specify the city and state, a default list of places will be shown. If you would like to customize with your favorite stores or restaurants, enter the business IDs in the "Specific Business(es)" box. You can show the places on a map (default), in a list with pictures, or a list without pictures. Put the code on your site, and your users will be able to see your favorite places on your site along with their hours and locations. If you choose map view, users will be able to zoom in or out and navigate the map.

If you have any questions or need help integrating the widget, please email us at We would love to hear how you are using the widgets or suggestions for what you would like.

Configure this widget:

See the side of this page for an example of each type.

Enter a number from 1 to 20. Use 20 for street level, 1 for the whole US.

Enter a city and state, e.g: "New York, NY". You can find the full list of supported cities here. Leave blank to automatically find the nearest city.

Click to set your colors.

Enter a comma separated list of business IDs to display. To find the ID, use the numbers after the -b in the business profile web page url. For example, the web page for Cole Hardware in San Francisco is You would use the number 866410 for the ID.
Get this widget:
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