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Would You Like to Earn $50 in Amazon Gift Cards?

And Help Your Local Restaurants Thrive and Grow?

Chain Restaurants Use Apps and Expensive Email Systems

to provide updates and offers to their customers. Local Restaurants often find these solutions cost-prohibitive or too time-consuming.

Local Restaurants Use Services Like Doordash and Groupon

which can take a significant chunk out of their profits (and sometimes result in a loss).

Our Automated Updates Platform is a Much Better Alternative

Local Restaurants Can…

Update Customers on Their Specials or Send Coupons

Tablet Platters & Bundles Scaled800SavedAsJpgQuality85

Send Holiday Hours Updates or Holiday Greetings

Phone Thanksgiving Greeting & Hours Scaled800SavedAsJpgQuality85

What You Get

Refer a restaurant and earn Amazon Gift Cards. When a restaurant signs up using your referral link, you get:

1. $20 Amazon Gift Card when the restaurant becomes a paying customer

2. Another $20-$30 Amazon Gift Card on the restaurant’s second month:

$20 Gift Card for restaurants on our $7.50 Plan.

$30 Gift Card for restaurants on any other plan.

What the Restaurants Get When They Use Your Referral Code

Standard+ Plan

  • One Month Free Trial (Usually $89)
  • 4 updates planned and set up
  • 2 customized images that include the name of the business


  • 4 additional planned updates (for a total of 8)
  • Customized QR code flyer designed to suit the business’s needs

Customized Images for Emails


Customized QR Code Flyer

CustomizedQRFlyer Scaled600SavedAsJpgQuality85

Pricing After Free Trial

Why Restaurants Love Our Automated Updates Platform

Our Platform Makes It Feasible for Busy Restaurants to Send Updates

How We Are Better Than Other Email Systems

1. Our InstantSignUp process enable in-person and takeout customers to instantly sign up to receive updates and deals (see image).

2. Our ModularUpdates technology makes it possible for busy restaurants to pre-schedule months of updates in less than 30 minutes.

3. Our SmartList algorithm delivers emails to their best contacts.

4. Our AutomatedEmail system sends the emails and handle email bounces and unsubscribes.

We Provide Beautiful Images for Restaurants to Use in Emails

Even the $7.50 a Month Plan Works Really Great

Why Customers Love Our Service

Diners Want to Receive Updates & Deals

Especially From Their Favorite Local Restaurants

Start Earning Amazon Gift Cards!