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How do I add my business?

If you are the business owner or manager of a business, you can add your business by following these steps:

1) Click on the “Add Listing” link that is located on the top right of every page. Choose the package that is right for you. Then, you will be asked to fill out your business information.

2) Navigate to the Business Page that was just created, and then click on the “Claim Now” link. The Claim Now feature allows you to establish your ownership of the business with us.

Once we verify your request, then your listings will be noted as “Claimed”.

How do you help my business? Why should I “Claim” my Business Page?

Claiming your business lets your customers now that the Business Page has been claimed by the owner, and that the information provided on the Business Page comes directly from the owner of the business.

You’ll then be able to:

* update your business information

* add a link to your website

* post photos

* post menus or list of services

* respond to customer Reviews

* track how many people have viewed your Business Page


If you have a paid package, depending on the package, you may also be able to:

* offer deals / coupons

* make announcements

* post events

* post videos


Can I update my Business Page after I claim it?

Yes! Simply login and click on “Dashboard”. Then, after clicking on the “Edit” button, you’ll see the “Edit Your Listing” page where you can make your updates.

Submit Listing Page


How do I choose Categories for my Business Page?

Choose Categories that broadly describe your business. Categories are used for searches. For example, if your category is “French Restaurant”, then your Business Page may be included in the Search Results Page when a customer searches for “Restaurants”, “French”, or “French Restaurants” in your geographic area.

If you business includes multiple businesses, such as a grocery store that includes a pharmacy, then use your primary business as your category, which would be “Food & Groceries”.

You can choose from the categories that are available when you sign-up. If your category is not listed, email us by using the “Contact” link on the bottom of this page.

For a list of all of our categories, check out our All Categories page.

What is Additional Business Info”?

Each Category has a set of Additional Details that provides information about your business. The information that you enter here will be displayed in the sidebar on your Business Page. Some Additional Details are used to filter search results. An example of an Additional Detail is “Parking Available”.

What are the different Restaurant Types?

Quick Service (fast food) restaurants focus on speedy service and low price points.

* Burgers, sandwiches, wraps, burritos, and limited salads

* Ambiance is functional, such as plastic seating

* Typically no table service (i.e., order at the counter)

* Price range: around $5-$8 per meal, with pizza places a bit more.

* Examples: Subway, McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut

Fast Casual restaurants are slightly more upscale than fast food restaurants and offer quick service, but with fresher and higher quality ingredients.

* More upscale and diverse menu selection than fast food

* Ambiance is more upscale than fast food, and may have soothing interior designs

* Typically no table service (i.e., order at the counter)

* Price range: around $12 per meal

* Examples: Panera Bread, Five Guys, Moe’s, Quizno’s, Chipotle, Jimmy Johns

Midscale (Family) restaurants include those restaurants that have simplified production systems (requiring lesser skilled employees), specialized menus and moderately priced food.

* Family restaurants, diners

* Table service (i.e., order while seated at table)

* Price range: around $15 per meal

* Examples: Perkins, Denny’s, Village Inn

Casual Dining restaurants focus on service and quality fresh food, served in a comfortable, appealing atmosphere.

* More extensive poultry, fish, beef, and salad options. Normally serve alcohol

* Compared to fast food or fast casual, ambiance tends to be more upscale, with more comfortable seating and dimmer lighting

* Table service (i.e., order while seated at table)

* Price range: $15 to $24 per meal.

* Examples: Applebee’s, Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings

Fine Dining restaurants focus on offering upsacle food, service, and atmosphere.

* Serve alcohol

* Tablecloth, full service

* Price range: greater than $50 per meal

* Examples: Capital Grille, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion


What should I write in the “Description” section?

You can write about what your business does best, like customers’ favorite menu items, most popular salon service, or why customers love your dental practice or store.

You can also write about the owners or managers of the business. Customers love to learn about the individuals behind a business, so introducing your staff to your customers is a great idea.


What should I enter in the “Tags Or Keywords” section?

This is a very powerful feature that can help your Business Page appear more frequently in the Search Results Pages. For example, if you have a seafood restaurant, you can enter “seafood, lobsters, crabs, fish”. You are allowed up to 5 sets of keywords.


What kind of photos should I upload in the Images section?

We recommend that you post photos of your store front and your interior. If your business is a restaurant or you sell a product, it’s also a great idea to post photos of the most popular dishes or products.


What features are available on the Business Dashboard?

After you have claimed your Business Page, you’ll be able to:

* Track how many people have viewed your Business Page

* How many Reviews you have received

* Recent Activities like a new upvote to a Review

You’ll also be able to manage your listings and reply to reviews. Depending on the package you have chosen, you may also be able to manage menus, deals, announcements, and events.

How do the Reviews work?

Customers can review your business. They can write about their experiences and upload photos. They can also upvote other Reviews that other customers have written. A customer can edit their Reviews anytime.

If you have claimed your Business Page, then you can reply to any of the Reviews.


How can I get more Reviews for my business?

To get more Reviews for your business, you can email your customers a link to your Business Page. You can also link to your Business Page from your website, facebook or other social media account, or your email signature.

You shouldn’t ask for Reviews from employess of your business, since users are unlikely to find those Reviews impartial. A Review from a relative, a friend, or someone who has received a gift for the Review is valuable as long as that person has actually used your product or service, genuinely wants to recommend your business, and dislcoses the relationship in the Review.

Encourage your customers to write unbiased and high quality Reviews because these are the type of Reviews that will be upvoted and featured more prominently on our site.

How do I reply to Reviews on my Business Page?

If you’ve claimed a Listing or you’ve simply added it, then you can respond to any review posted to the Listing.

1. On your Dashboard, click on “Reviews”, and then “Reviews Received”.

2. Go to the review that you would like to reply to and click on “Public Reply”.

3. Enter your reply and click “Send Reply”.

4. Your reply will appear below the review.

Manage Listings

You can see all your listings by clicking on “Listings” on your Dashboard. You can filter by “Published”, “Pending”, or “Expired”. Or, you can view all your listings, which is the default option.

Hovering on the hamburger of each listing, you’ll see options to “Edit”, “Remove”, or “Change Plan”. Choosing “Edit” takes you to a page to “Edit Your Listing”. This is similar to the page you used to submit your listing. This page does not allow you to add announcements, events, coupons, or menus. To use those features, use the navigation button on the left of your Dashboard.

What should be in the “Menu” section?

It’s a good idea to list your services so that your customers understand what your business offers. If your business is a hair salon, for example, your potential customer might want to know whether you offer beauty services as well.


What’s the simplest way to upload a Menu?

If you already have a printed menu of services, you can simply take a photo of the menu, and then post the photo by going to your Dashboard and clicking the “Menu” button. Then, click on “+ Image Menu” and enter the following information:

1) Title (e.g., “Beauty Services”)

2) Choose image to upload by clicking on “Select File”

3) Select a Listing for this Menu


Can I enter each menu item separately?

Yes, you can enter each menu item separately.

1) First, go to your Dashboard and click the “Menu” button. Then, click on “+ Manage Types/Groups”. Each menu item is organized by “Types” and “Groups”.

Examples of Types are “Lunch Menu” or “Dinner Menu”.

Examples of Groups are “Appetizers” or “Entrees”.

Menu items in each group are displayed together. So, in this example, all the menu items categorized as “Appetizers” and “Lunch Menu” would be grouped together under “Appetizers” and then displayed along with “Lunch Menu”.

2) Click on “+ Add New Menu Item”.

a) Select a Listing for your new menu item.

b) Enter “Menu Item” name.

c) Enter a “Short Description”.

d) Enter “Regular Price”.

e) Enter “Sale Price”. This is optional.

f) Click “Select File” to upload an optional photo for this menu item.

g) Choose Menu Type.

h) Choose Menu Group.

i) If you would rather not list the Regular Price or the Sale Price but be contacted for a quote, set the “Quote Button” to on.

j) Click “+ Add Menu Item” to save.

How do I add a Deal/Coupon?

To add a deal or coupon to a Listing, you will need to be on the Basic or Professional Plan. Once you are on one of these plans for the Listing, click on “Coupons” on your Dashboard. Then, click on “+ Add New Coupon”.

1. In the “Display In” section, choose whether you want the deal to be displayed in the main “Content Area” or the “Sidebar Area” to the right.

2. “Select a Listing” for the deal.

3. Enter a “Title” for the deal.

4. Enter a “Description” for the deal.

5. Click on “Select File” to upload an image for the deal.

6. If your Deal has a start date and an end date, then in the “Settings” section, “Set Date” to on. Then, enter a “Start Date” and “End Date” for the deal.

7. If you would like to redirect the customer to an external URL with more info about your deal, then in “Settings”, set “External Coupon” to on. Then, enter a “Custom URL” and “Custom Text” for the URL.

8. If the “External Coupon” is not set to on, then you can enter a “Coupon Code” if you have one. The purpose of this code is so that the customer can say “I would like to redeem the deal with Code …”.

8. Enter a “Discount Value”.

9. Click “Save”.

Important Notes about Coupons/Deals

* “Custom URL” needs to start with “http://”

* If the “Start Date” of a coupon is in the future, then the coupon will not be shown on the Listing Page until the Start Date.

How do I add an Event?

To add an Event to a Listing, you will need to be on the Professional Plan. Once you are on the Professional Plan, click on “Events” on your Dashboard. Then, click on “+ Add New Event”.

1. In the “Hosted By” section, select the Listing for this event.

2. Enter the “Event Name”.

3. Enter “Event Description”.

4. If you have an image for the event, you can click on “Select “File” to upload it.

5. If the event has a start date and start time, make sure the “Set Start Date” and “Set Start Time” buttons are set to on. These button are located in the Settings section on the right. After the buttons have been set to on, enter values in “Event Date” and “Event Time”.

6. Enter “Address” for the event. This is a required field, but you do not have to enter a street address.

7. If you would like to direct your customers to an external URL, then set the “Ticket URL” button to on. This button is located in the Settings section to the right. Then, enter “Ticket URL”, starting with “http://””.

8. If you would like to keep track of how many people are going to the event, you can turn the “Guests” and “Counter” buttons on.

a. “Guests” = on means that on the Listing Page, there will be a button that says “Yes! I am Going”. A user can click on it to indicate that he/she will be going to the event.

b. “Counter” = on means that there will be a box that shows how many people will be going to the event. For example, if 3 people have clicked on the “Yes! I am Going” button, then this box will say “3 Going”.

c. “Guests” = on and “Counter” = on. This is the setting that we recommend. With both set to on, a visitor to the Listing Page can indicate that he/she will be going to the event and see how many people are going so far.

d. “Guests” = on and “Counter” = off. This means that only the “Yes! I am Going” button will be showing. In another words, visitors to the Listing Page will not know how many people will be going to the event.

e. “Guests” = off and “Counter” = on. This setting will not work because Counter doesn’t work unless Guests are allowed to RSVP. So, this setting is the same as “Guests” = off and “Counter” = off.

How do I add an Announcement?

To add an announcements to a Listing, you will need to be on the Professional Plan. Once you are on the Professional Plan, click on “Announcements” on your Dashboard. Then, click on “+ Add New Announcement”.

1. In the “Add Announcements” section, “Choose call to action”:
* Announcement
* Book Now
* Buy Tickets
* Contact Us
* Get Offer
* Get Quote
* Join Now
* Learn More
* Print Coupon
* Reserve Now
* Schedule Appointment

2. “Select Listing” for this announcement.

3. Enter “Title” for this announcement.

4. Select “Icon” using Font Awesome. If you leave this blank, then a bullhorn icon will be used.

5. Enter “Description”. This is a required field.

6. Change the “Button Text” if you like.

7. If you have an external link to direct customers to, enter it in “Button Link”. The link needs to start with “http://”. If you leave it blank, the link will simply be the URL of the listing page.

Pricing Plans

What’s included in Your Free Plan?

There are many features included in our Free Plan, such as

* Map of Business

* Business Images

* Link to Business Website

* Menu or list of services

* Business Description

* Reply to Reviews

* Visitor Statistics for Your Page

* Inclusion in our Directory

and many, many others.


It’s probably easier to talk about what’s “not” included in our Free Plan.

* Video


* Keywords (appear more frequently in Search)

* Offer Deals

* Make Announcements

* Post Events

What’s included in Your Basic Plan?

In addition to all the features in the Free Plan, you’ll also get access to the following features:

* Video


* Keywords (appear more frequently in Search)

* Offer Deals

What’s included in Your Professional Plan?

In addition to all the features in the Basic Plan, you’ll also get access to the following features:

* Make Announcements

* Post Events


What are all the different ways that customers interact with your business on our site?

Users to our site can:

* bookmark your business

* post and view Reviews of your business

* upvote Reviews

* post and view photos of your business

* see your menu of services

* get driving directions to your business

* read about your business (Description and FAQ)

* see your Business Hours


If you have a paid package, depending on the package, customers may also be able to:

* view any announcements that you have

* see what events you have coming up

* take advantage of your deals and coupons

* read your FAQ’s

* view your video