How to Offer Deals

Go to Your Dashboard


  • Click on ‘Coupons’
  • Then, click on ‘Add New Coupon’

Name, Title Description

  • Select your listing from the dropdown
  • Enter ‘Title’ and ‘Description’

Upload Image

Offer With No Start and End Date

If your offer has no start and end date, then ‘Set Date’ should be set to off.

Deal With Start and End Date

  • If you would like your offer to automatically publish and unpublish during its validity period, then toggle ‘Set Date’ to on.
  • Set ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’

Discount Value (Optional)

Discount can be in terms of % or $. For example, ‘25% Off’ or ‘$25 Off’.

No External Url

If your offer doesn’t have an external url, then set ‘External Coupon’ to off.

No External Url

  • If you don’t have an External Url, enter a ‘Coupon Code’ that your customer can use to take advantage of the special offer.
  • In ‘Custom Text’, enter text for the coupon button. Clicking on this button will allow your customer to copy the Coupon Code.

External Url

If you have a url with more information about your offer, you can set ‘External Coupon’ to on.

External Url

  • In ‘Custom URL’, enter the external URL.
  • In ‘Custom Text’, enter text of the coupon button. Clicking on this button will take user to the External Url.


Click ‘Save’ when you are done.

Choice of Content or Sidebar

You can choose to display your special offer in the Content Area or the Sidebar

Special Offer Displayed in Content Area

Special Offer Displayed in Sidebar

Below Contact Info

Edit or Delete

To edit or delete the coupon, click on the Hamburger icon.

Create Marketing Materials to Provide Instant Access to Your Special Offers

Access Your Deals With Flyers

You can create a QR Code flyer using our Marketing Material Editor

Handout or post the flyer at your business to provide your customers with instant access to your coupons.

Access Your Deals With Postcards

Or, you can create postcards with our Marketing Material Editor

Mail the postcards or hand them out