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How to Add Your Menu

Uploading a menu to our site will enable your customers to access your menu online so they have a contactless option to view your menu. They can also use it to order takeout. You can enable either feature or both.

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Upload Menu Instructions

(You can also watch the video above for instructions)

1. Click on 'Dashboard'

2. Click on 'Menu'

On the left side Toolbar.

3. Click on '+Image Menu'

at the top right.

4. Enter 'Title'

If you are uploading different types of menus (e.g., lunch, dinner, takeout, ... etc.), a good title would be simply 'Menu'.

5. Click on '1. Select Image(s)'

6. Click on tab 'Upload Files'

7. Click on 'Select Files'

8. Choose Menu Page 1

The menu pages will be displayed in the order selected. In this example, there are two menu pages. Double-click on Menu Page 1.

The formats accepted are jpg, png, gif, and pdf.

9. Menu Page 1 loading

A blue bar means Menu Page 1 is being uploaded.

10. Menu Page 1 finished

When the Menu Page 1 image appears, the page has finished uploading. Click on 'Upload Files'.

11. Click 'Select Files'

12. Select Menu Page 2

Double-click on Menu Page 2.

13. Menu Page 2 finished

When the Menu Page 2 image appears, the page has finished uploading. Click on 'Select'.

14. 'Select A Business Page'

Select your business name.

15. Click '2. Submit'

You are done! The menu has been published.

16. Menu Published

Your menu has been published on your business page as well as your menu page (see image).

17. Download Flyer

Download flyers from Menus / Brochures
There are many versions of the flyer for you to choose from. You can also edit it:
* Edit business name or title
* Ask for recommendations
* Show off recommendations