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Free QR Code: A Powerful Marketing Tool for Your Hotel or Vacation Rental

Upload your Covid-19 Updates and/or your list of amenities. Your guests will appreciate having a contactless option to browse your information on their phones while in their guest rooms or out and about.

Sample QR Code Page (see on phone)

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Ways You Can Use QR Code


  • Give Covid-19 Updates

  • Provide list of amenities or other information




  • Get Recommendations for Your Hotel or Rental

  • Show Off Recommendations to Potential Guests

  • Offer Your Coupons


All Plans Include ready-to-use QR Code Flyers. Choose the flyer according to your intended use. Use our Flyer Editor to customize the flyers further.

Easy to Get Guest Recommendations

The key to getting recommendations is to ask and make it effortless.

We do both for you!

How It Works

Set Up QR Code Page

Fill out form and click the button. Then, upload your updates, amenities, or any other information you would like to provide. The formats accepted are jpg, png, gif, and pdf.

Display Flyer

  • Display QR Code Flyer at your business, such as at the reception area
  • Your Covid-19 Updates and Menu of Services give your customers a reason to scan your QR Code

Display Flyer in Guest Room

To promote social distancing, you can also display the flyers in the guest rooms.

QR Code Page

After scanning the QR Code, the link to your QR Code Page appears automatically, providing 1-click access to your information.

List of Amenities

In addition to your Covid Protocols, you can also upload your List of Amenities

Access Your Information From Anywhere

  • Your guests will have access to your Covid Protocols and List of Amenities from anywhere
  • No need to go to the reception area and ask your staff, which is great for social distancing

Request for Recommendation

When your customers scan the QR Code, they see the request for a recommendation below the QR Code.

Prompt for Review

Guests can be prompted for a review while they read your info (optional).

Click to Review

Guests can recommend you by clicking on the thumb on the QR Code Page.

Recommend Your Hotel From Anywhere

Since they have your Pages saved on their phones, they can also recommend you from anywhere!

Recommendations Only!

They can recommend you with 1, 2, or 3 thumbs up and upload pictures (1 thumb equals a 4-star review).



  • Free (no credit card required)
  • Up to 5 images on QR Code Page
  • No ads on QR Code Page
  • Ready-to-Use Personalized Flyers


  • $25/yr
  • All features of Free Plan
  • Up to 15 images on QR Code Page
  • Flyer Editor to customize your flyers


  • $89/yr
  • All features of Lite Plan
  • Up to 50 images on QR Code Page
  • No ads on Business Page
  • Offer Coupons


Q: What do I get with the Free Plan?

Q: How long does it take for my pages to go live?

A: It goes live instantly. But, our editors do review the submission to make sure it’s not spam.

Q: Can I design my own flyers?

A: With our Flyer Editor, you shouldn’t have to. But if you prefer, we provide a downloadable QR Code to insert in your own flyers or marketing materials (Lite/Basic only).

Q: Can I edit my QR Code Page?

A: Yes. Instructions to add/edit your QR Code page.

Q: Can I edit my Business Page?

A: Yes. Click on ‘Click to update’ at the very top of your Dashboard.

Q: How do I contact you if I have questions?

A: email support@hoursmap.com

Use Flyer Editor to Create Materials to Show Off Your Recommendations

What does the Flyer Editor do?

  • Edit text on your flyer
  • Choose flyer size
  • Choose whether QR Code loads Business Page OR QR Code Page


What can I create?

  • Customized flyers to display at your business

  • Flyers and cards to hand out or mail to potential guests


What can QR Code provide access to?

  • Covid-19 Updates
  • Your Amenities or Other Info
  • Your Photos
  • Business Page to recommend your business
  • Business Page to read your recommendations
  • Your Special Offers

5X7 Card to mail or hand out

Choice of Flyers

Included With All Plans

Which Plan Should You Choose?


  • Great to use to provide Covid-19 updates
  • Display your list of Amenities
  • Request and Display Recommendations


  • Use Flyer Editor to customize QR Code flyer
  • Use Flyer Editor to create materials to show off Recommendations (have QR Code load Business Page)
  • Show great images of your business or upsell services


  • Display Special Offers
  • Use the Flyer Editor to create marketing materials to hand out or mail
  • Use Flyer Editor to create materials to show off Recommendations (have QR Code load Business Page with no ads)