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Quickest Way to get Customer Recommendations

The key to getting recommendations is to ask and make it effortless.

We do both for you!

Customer scans QR Code

  • Give customers a reason to visit your Pages with your menu and great food images
  • Your customer scans the QR Code on your Flyer
  • And sees the request for a recommendation below the QR Code

Browses Your Menu on Menu Page

  • QR Code loads your menu
  • Your customers can recommend you by clicking on the thumb.

Optional Review Prompt

  • You can prompt your customers to leave a review by setting the Review Prompt to on.
  • The prompt appears after a few seconds

Perfect Time to Ask for a Recommendation

  • A big barrier to customer writing reviews is that they don’t remember what you did. Do a great job and customers are likely to forget. Do a bad job and customers never forget.
  • While they are enjoying their meal is the perfect time to ask for a recommendation.
  • Since they are still at your restaurant, they can even take a picture of your food!

Thumbs Up Only Recommendations

  • Customers can give a recommendation
  • They choose 1, 2, or 3 thumbs up (1 thumb equals a 4-star review)
  • They can also upload pictures
  • No typing required!

Show Off Your Recommendations!

Your future customers can use your QR Code to read your recommendations on your Business Page

Get Your QR Code Menu

Upload your menu and/or photos and watch the recommendations pour in!

Offer QR Code Menus and Get Recommendations!