Use Customer Recommendations to Grow Your Business

• We make it easy for you to get your customers to recommend your gym or studio and to show those recommendations to potential customers.

• Start by uploading your Covid-19 Updates and other info, like your class schedule. Your customers will appreciate having a socially-distanced option to read your updates on their phones. Then, request their recommendation while they read your info.

Postcard With QR Code to Access Your Recommendations

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What You Can Do With Our Technology


• Get Customer Recommendations

• Use Recommendations to Market to Potential Customers




• Give socially-distanced Covid-19 Updates

• Provide other about info about your gym or studio

• Upload your Special Offers

How Many Reviews Do You Get a Year?

A popular dance studio near us has been around for over 30 years. It has hundreds of students each session but gets only about 3 reviews a year on Yelp (only 11 reviews total!).

Those 3 reviews (some negative) don’t represent the studio. The hundreds of students that return year after year do. See dance studio’s reviews

We help get everyday customers to recommend you.

How It Works

Set Up Business Page

Fill out form and click the button.

Download Flyer

• Download QR Code Flyer from your Dashboard (click on Menus/Brochures)

• Edit as necessary using Marketing Material Editor

Get Recommendations During Customer Visit

• Display QR Code Flyer at your business.

• Your Covid-19 Updates (and/or Class Schedules) give your customers a reason to scan your QR Code.

•QR Code gives your customers 1-click access to your information.

When your customers scan the QR Code, they see the request for a recommendation below the QR Code.

While reading, your customers will be prompted to recommend your business. You can enable or disable the Review Prompt by clicking on ‘Listings’ from your Dashboard.

Your customers can also recommend you by clicking on the thumb.

A little nudge from your staff will increase the chance of getting that recommendation.

Get Recommendations Using Invitations

You can also send invitations to your customers to recommend you. Studies show that 70% of people will write a review if asked!

Recommendations Only!

They can recommend you with 1, 2, or 3 thumbs up and upload pictures (1 thumb equals a 4-star review).

Download Marketing Materials

Download Marketing Materials from your Dashboard to create flyers or postcards.

Mail Marketing Materials

Mail postcards to potential customers

Display Flyer Outside Your Business

• Current customers can read your Covid Updates, Class Schedules, or other info

• Future customers can read your Recommendations



Quick Access to Your Info

  • QR Code for instant access to your Pages
  • Personalized Flyers & Postcards with QR Code
  • Editor to customize your Flyers and Postcards
  • Provide Covid-19 updates, class schedule, other info
  • Upload images of your business

Get Great Reviews Fast & Grow Your Business

  • Review Prompt
  • Invitation to Recommend
  • Customize Review Prompt
  • Customize Invitations

Market Your Business

  • Offer Deals
  • Post Events & Video

QR Code Page

In addition to your Business Page, you also get a QR Code Page. It’s a page designed for browsing on phones, so you can upload your Covid-19 updates, class schedules, marketing brochures, or other info.


Q: What Pages do I get?

Q: Can I design my own marketing materials?

A: With our Marketing Material Editor, you shouldn’t have to. But if you prefer, we provide a downloadable QR Code to insert in your own flyers or marketing materials.

Q: Can I edit my pages?

A: Yes. You can manage your pages from your Dashboard. For more details, see Editing and Managing Your Pages.

Q: How do I contact you if I have questions?

A: email

Create Marketing Materials to Show Off Your Recommendations

What does the Marketing Material Editor do?

• Edit text on your marketing material

• Choose size of your marketing material

• Choose whether QR Code loads Business Page or QR Code Page


What can I create?

• Customized flyers to display at your business

• Flyers and cards to hand out or mail to potential customers


What can QR Code provide access to?

• QR Code Page with your info

• Business Page to read your recommendations or see your info

Customize for Your Intended Use