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Helping Businesses Succeed

Functional web pages helps you get more customers. Almost 70% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from a business that has a web presence.

But we don't just give you a simple web page. We provide you with a full set of features that are designed to help businesses like you succeed and grow.

How to add your business

Three plans for you to choose from


Upload description, images, and menus/services. Invite recommendations.
No ads on menu page!


Offer coupons, post your FAQ's, and more.
No ads on all your pages!
$89/yr ($15/mo if paid monthly).


Post Events and Announcements.
No ads on all your pages!
$229/yr ($39/mo if paid monthly).

What’s included for free? Lots!

How Users Find You

Inclusion in Directory

Your business will be included in our Directory.

Users search by entering ‘What’ and ‘Where’. Clicking on the compass in the ‘Where’ box automatically detects the location, and all a user needs to do is enter a search term, like ‘Photography’.

They can also find you on the city directory page (e.g., hoursmap.com/location/honolulu-hi)

QR Code Access

We provide you with marketing flyers for you to print and post in front of your business. The poster has a QR code so your customers can have instant access to your business page. There’s a one-time fee of $15 for personalized flyers. The standard flyers are free.

Showcase Your Business

Image Gallery

Upload images that showcase your business.


If you own a restaurant, you can post your menu.

Menu of Services

For other businesses, you can post your menu of services or a brochure.

Covid-19 Updates

It’s also a good idea to post your Covid-19 Updates so your customers can have quick access to them.

QR Code Menus

How Restaurants Can Offer Contactless Menus

Market Your Business

Invite Recommendations With Emails

Simply enter your customers’ email addresses, and we’ll send invitations to your customers for them to recommend you.

Invite Recommendations With QR Code

When you display the QR Code Flyers, there’s a request to recommend your business.

Showcase recommendations

Once recommendations appear on your business page, use them to grow your business.

How Inviting Recommendations Can Grow Your Business

Managing Your Business Page

Powerful Business Dashboard

Once you add your business, you will get access to a full-featured Dashboard. You’ll be able to reply to recommendations, track visits to your page, add menus, and so much more. Creating a mobile-friendly website for your business couldn’t be easier.

What’s included in Basic Plan

More Marketing for Your Business

QR Code Flyers

A personalized flyer makes it easier for customers to find your business page! It has your business name on it, and the QR code takes users directly to your business page. With our Basic Plan, you get online copies as well as printed copies.

Offer Coupons

You can set begin and end dates for your coupons, so managing them is easy!

What’s included in Professional Plan


Publish your events easily!

Showcase and Grow Your Business.

Referral Bonus

If you were invited by a user, you’ll get our Professional Plan for free for one month!

Note: Not valid for printed copies of the QR Code Flyers.